Health Begins in the Kitchen



Thanks for joining me on a journey thats put us both back in the kitchen and creating our health from scratch. Together we’ll put the heart back in the kitchen so you and your family can be assured that you’re eating fresh, wholesome, real food that nourishes the mind, body and soul.

A bit about me: I didn’t always love to cook and I rarely looked at a recipe. When I did, I’d think I knew a better, more creative way to make it. Ha, I ended up with a lot of flops which probably fueled my dislike of cooking even more.

But that attitude changed after a few things happened. First was the birth of my daughter, Coco. How could I rationalize buying processed, packaged and life-less food and giving them to my vibrant little monkey. Nope, was not going to happen. She deserved the best and if I needed to change my ways then so be it.

The second thing that occurred was that I became certified as a Functional Nutrition Coach and a Culinary Nutrition Expert. First, the nutrition courses set the groundwork for knowing what nutrients are required to live an optimally healthy life. But I needed a way to put this knowledge into action so i took an amazing Culinary Nutrition course that showed me how to put this info into action. Basically, how to cook and prepare food so I’d be getting maximum health benefits.

This I’d like to share with you in the form of recipes that are gluten-free, mostly dairy free and always made with real, fresh ingredients. Hey I’m not saying I’m an expert, only that I know a thing or two about what that means–fresh and real. Together we’ll journey on this path and figure out the most nutritious way to feed our family so they can go out in this crazy world and thrive because they’ve been properly fueled.